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Tactical Gear

Tactical Gear is essential for the efficiency & comfort of a soldier. IDP has developed a range of load-carrying & sleeping bag solutions that offer ease of use & comfort to the soldier. These best in class solutions match the most stringent specifications anywhere in the world. Without in-house design & manufacturing capabilities, we can offer customized tactical gear for all types of requirements.

A Few Of The Tactical Gear In This Range Are

  • 90 Ltrs Capacity Rucksack with a load-bearing metal frame
  • 70 Ltrs Capacity Rucksack with a load-bearing composite frame
  • Water Proof & abrasion resistant Bags
  • Tactical Vests with Mole design
  • Multi-Layer Sleeping Bags

Technologies Used

  • Water Proof Coatings
  • Breathable Membranes for added comfort
  • Light Weight Solutions
  • MOLE
  • Quick Dry
  • Flame Retardant

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